All Served Butler Style, Priced Per Piece

Minimum to spend if just serving appetizers is $13.00 per person, minimum 50 people

Sea Scallops and Bacon  $1.25
Grilled shrimp wrapped with bacon $2.00
Stuffed Mushrooms Caps with or w/out Crabmeat  $1.25
Mini Rice Arancini  $2.00
mozzarella sticks $1.00
Tuscan Sausage and Roast Pepper Stick  $1.00
Potato Croquettes  $2.00
Tomato, Onion and Cheese Focaccia  $1.00
Spanikopita  $1.00
Cold Cut, Spinach and Cheese Calzone  $1.00
Prosciutto Wrapped with Melon  $1.25
Asparagus with Rosemary Ham  $1.00
Grilled Eggplant Crostini  $1.00
Wild Mushroom and fontina Crostini  $1.00
Caprese crostini  $1.00
Margherita Grilled Pizza  $1.00
Pesto Genoese Grilled Pizza  $1.00
Vegetable, pork or chicken pot stickers $1.00
Skewered Beef Teriyaki  $1.50
Chicken Teriyaki or Satay  $1.50
Mini Beef Wellington  $1.75
Fresh Mozzarella wrapped w/ Prosciutto  $1.50
Chicken Wings w/ Bleu Cheese Dip  $1.00
Smoke Salmon Canapés  $1.75
bacon wrapped beef filet  $1.25
Mini Lorraine Quiche  $1.00
Clams Casino w/ Crisp Bacon $1.50
Fried Ravioli $1.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls $1.00
Crab Rangoon $1.25
Above prices are per person and are subject to a 20% taxable service charge and 8% RI sales, meals and beverage tax.